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VIM Half Cut Bit Set, 77 pc, 5/8" long bits, all Torx®, Hex , XZN Phillips and flat


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one of the best purchases I have ever made! 06/21/2017
By Cole Rus
I am a Harley-Davidson mechanic. I purchased your VHC77 set last year and I must say it was been an absolute blessing having it. This kit is used on a daily basis and I can't think of never having it now. That being said I made a critical error today and lost my 5/32 hex bit today on a customers motorcycle...I spent a good portion of the day trying to locate it and to no avail... Customer left with his motorcycle and sadly my bit along with it. I was curious if you guys were able to sell the bits individually? The person that sold me the kit was our local MAC tools dealer, but I wanted to contact you directly at first to see. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this and getting back with me.
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Excellent product. 07/07/2017
By Cristian
I'm an experienced A level technician, I use this set for every job that i wouldve otherwise lost money on. I absolutely love it. About 10 minutes before writing this review I beat time on a supercharger by 2 hours (job pays 3!) because i was able to get to some torx bolts under the vehicle plenum on the back of the engine and didnt have to tear apart the car to get the supercharger out. The kit makes you money, but i would also love it if you sold the bits individually for replacement of lost components. Don't wanna have to buy another kit to replace one T30, but i will! ;)