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Powerlifter Magnetic Red Pickup Tool, 24" long lifts 3lbs. Shielded magnet will not pick up until plunger is pushed. Microphone type flex stays bent. Great for picking up magnetic objects. 

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Strong, but nut clingy 01/16/2019
By Jerod Johnson
After a little practice, it works great to retrieve nuts from inside an tractor frame rail. It doesn't stick when retracted, which is useful when trying to fish small parts from places fingers won't reach. On the down side, it's spring is too strong and doesn't let it stay attached to what you are trying to pick up, or let you stick it to a metal surface for storage.
average rating 100%
The best 10/18/2020
By Wild bill
Every mechanic has used to magnetic pickup tool that sticks to everything except what you're trying to pick up this one does not until you push the button it's the best one I've ever used get one before they run out
average rating 100%
Great retrieval tool 11/21/2020
By MB Tech
Have a case of the butter fingers and drop a bolt into the lonely abyss of an engine bay? Have no fear! This tool has bailed me out more times than I care to admit. It's a great retrieval tool.
average rating 100%
Magnetic pick- up tool 04/01/2019
By James Marson
Nice tool, magnifies when needed.