Brake Stick

SURF-PREP has been providing brake sticks to Class 1's, Class 2's, "Short Lines", and "Switching Operations" for the past 10 years.

The Safe Set Brake Stick is a tool specifically designed and engineered to enhance the safety performance of railroad employees. The Safe Set Brake Stick eliminates an employee's exposure to risk and injury associated with ascending and descending rail cars to apply and release hand brakes and retainer valves. The Safe Set Brake Stick permits an employee to open knuckles without entering the gauge of the rail. The Safe Set has a revolutionary twist locking mechanism that ensures positive positioning of the telescoping tool. The hook completes the multipurpose design of the tool.

The elimination of safety hazards is tantamount in improving safety performance. Improved safety performance results in improved employee efficiency. Improved employee efficiency translates into savings for the railroad.

To insure quality, all units are hand made to order and inspected

Brake Stick - Mini
24" - 36"
Brake Stick - Med
37" - 61"
Brake Stick - Std
52" - 92"
Brake Stick - Long
66" - 106"
Brake Stick - Mini - Bat Handle
Brake Stick - Med - Bat Handle
Brake Stick - Std - Bat Handle
Brake Stick - Long - Bat Handle
Omni Magnet 5503-089 Brake Stick Magnets
silo_02 Brake Stick Silo