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Filter Blanket

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Hydra Pond Filter Blanket
Hydra Pond Filter Blanket 66300

Product Highlightsblanket

  • Significantly enhances filtration efficiency catches smallest of the particles
  • Filters to 20 microns as against 200-300 micron of regular sponge filters
  • Fits in all types of filter boxes that have sponges, simply cut with scissors
  • 1 square meter


  • Hydra Pond filter blanket greatly increases the filtration efficiency of regular pond filters.
  • Effectively catches very small particles by electrostatic retention.
  • Made up of synthetic fibers that act like a magnet for debrisFish safe aquatic grade material.
  • Filters down to 20 microns as against the filtration capacity of 200-300 microns of regular sponge filters.
  • Enhanced filtration capacity equivalent to the performance given by costly filtration units.
  • Easily fits inside all types of filter boxes.


Filtration systems are important to all ponds, especially those with fish in them. A filter’s job is to strain debris and waste from the water. This helps in maintaining clean and crystal clear water in the tank. If mechanical filters do not perform properly, unfavorable conditions may be created in the pond that harms the fish and other aquatic lives. Accumulated waste in the water burdens biological filters, as the bacteria inside these are not able to break down fast build up of nitrates. Such conditions disturb the pond balance and promote oxygen depletion as well as algal growth.

Hydra Pond Filter Blanket enhances the filtration capacity of your existing system. The blanket layer is 10 to 15 times more effective at filtering out particles than regular sponge filters


Simply cut the Hydra Pond Filter Blanket to fit the size of the filter box. Place over the filter foams in box type filters or on top of the media in multi-bay filters so that it is the first filter. To wash, remove the filter blanket from filter box and rinse under tap. Then wring dry (as you would a towel). Refit in filter box. When first fitted, check the filter blanket daily (more frequently if you are carrying out a pond cleaning treatment). After two to three days use, check weekly and rinse as above.

Usage Rates

Renew the Hydra Pond Filter Blanket every 12 months.

"Why do I need your filter blanket when I already have a perfectly good filter system in my pond?" 
It is true that most pond filtration systems do a very good job with your pond water on a day to day basis. When treating you pond to remove the green water causing algae using the Hydra Crystal, the particles you are trying to remove are simply much too small to be captured by most filter systems. Adding the filter blanket during treatment captures the smaller particles resulting in clearer water.