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Hydra Products Testimonials

I just wanted to let you know I receive the Hydra Quartz overnight. Incredibly fast shipping. I used it the same day I received and it made an almost miraculous transformation in my pond. The product works better than I expected. Very pleased. I'll be ordering more in the future when needed. Job very well done!!! Robert NC


I don't usually send messages to vendors but I couldn't resist this time. I
was ready to give up on my 1200 gallon backyard pond due to the algae and
the hundreds of dollars I've spent trying to clear it up. Your product was
my last ditch effort. Within minutes of using the product, the green was
replaced with brown and the next morning it was crystal clear. Thank you.
I wish I'd have found you sooner. Terry

If you remember back in April one of your employees recommended turning off
my UV light while using Hydra Quartz which caused a string algae explosion.
After everything else failed your final solution to use blue dye and
bacteria boost has pretty much eliminated the problem. After putting the
dye in the pond the string algae began breaking up and floating to the
surface where it was removed by my skimmer. It still continues to this day.
However, as the photos show it is almost completely gone. I know that you
could have just written me off as a dissatisfied customer, but you didn't.
Your commitment to fix the problem tells me a lot about you and your
company, and as for me, I will wholeheartedly recommend your company. You
will be getting future orders from me. Thanks for all your help..Lee

We have had our pond and water falls for 5 years. During this time we only had 2 years with no algae. 1st year and last year. In between you could walk on the blanket weed. My wife was ready to keep the stream and change the rest to pondless. I tried anything and countless hours using a pond vac to get it cleaned up. My biggest problem was that here in Minnesota the water just didn't get warm enough, the warm water bacteria couldn't get going. Had a cold water bacteria from another company, and had some minor success. So I went on line and after many hours of looking came across LT Extreme. I have about 1500 to 2000 gal pond. When I start using it, I put 10 of the blue scoops in once a week. After about 3 weeks I cut it down to 7 scoops, and put them in every week till shut down. The pond was without algae all spring, summer and most of the fall. The only reason I started to get some then is I couldn't keep up with the debris, and I cut down on the bacteria. This year I will keep up the bacteria until the end. While it may seem like it costs a lot for the 11lb pail, I for the most part have to do nothing else. I don't even clean it in the spring, with the exception of pulling out the largest pieces with a small net. I put in the bacteria, pull out the chunks, and sit back and enjoy. Also I use it in the 75gal aquarium with 12 Goldfish. And only have to clean the pads twice this year, with no water changes. so if you live in the cold north try it you'll like it. Thanks Larry in Minnesota

I am pleased to report that the Hydra Crystal product worked wonders in my koi pond. My new 800 pond was finished in late March and within two weeks began to turn green. For the next three months I tried several algae treatments with the same results...the water remained a lime green color. While searching the web, for a solution I came across Pond Clear and liked what I read. The free offer of a sample of Crystal seemed reasonable, as I had nothing to lose. It worked wonders in a jar of my pond water... crystal clear overnight. I ordered the product and conducted the jug test... again the water became clear overnight. I then treated my my pond as directed. The water turned brown but did not clear. After several conversations with Martin,I tried another treatment. The results were the same ... my pond water went from green to brown but did not clear. I next obtained a much larger filter and immediately the water began to clear. Within two days my pond water became crystal clear. The large amount of dead algae required a substantial filter to completely clear the water. This is very important. It has now been two weeks and my pond has remained completely clear. My thanks to Martin and the folks at Pond clear for a products that really works! Dan From Florence, AL


We have tried everything for green pond water. We have a stream and our pond gets a lot of sun, and on a good day, we can see our fish, but water is very green, NEVER CLEAR. I told my husband, "This is the last product I'm going to try"......IT WORKED! I put a small section of blanket filter in front of our traditional pump filter and rinse it daily after treating pond with Hydra Crystal. I am so impressed, and we have tried just about everything with no success. I can now see clear water down to the bottom of our 1000 gal pond. Thank you for a great product! Kim


What fantastic results!!!

To Martin and everyone at Pond Clear Products,

I do not normally get this enthusiastic about products that make seemingly impossible promises, but I just had to say Hydra Crystal saved my pond from the bulldozer!!!

My pond was suffering from a severe algae bloom that started last summer, and despite following professional advice, and using everything on the market, spending a ton of money, it was just getting worse. I was about to give the fish away and fill the pond in when I just happened upon your company by typing in green water algae solutions on the internet. After talking to Martin on the phone, I gave your product a last ditch go at trying to salvage my pond. I followed the product directions to the letter, and when I did the jar test, I could not believe my eyes!!! The pea soup in the jar turned crystal clear in 24 hours!!! I applied Hydra Crystal to my 3,000 gallon koi pond two days ago and I can now see my fish! The fish are acting as if they are relieved that the thick green muck they were swimming in is now almost gone. I cannot wait to recommend Hydra Crystal to my friends!!! Pond keeping is an expensive hobby, and I am tired of getting ripped off by buying products that promise you “crystal clear water” that just do not work. It seems that any product you buy for pond care is very expensive. My fish are pets with personalities, and I did not want to get rid of them despite the cost of keeping them. Thanks to Hydra Crystal, I can cut my expenses and have happy fish once again!!!

If my fish could talk, they would thank you too!!!


Virginia /Belvidere NJ

I wanted to let you guys know that your products save me countless hours of backyard wasted time . My pond has a 90 foot stream, and by July the string algae use to break my back...worse then pulling weeds in a garden. I use Hydra Quartz for the algae and Hydra Crystal to keep my pond clear. For the first 5 years, I couldn't believe how much work I had to do to keep ahead of my stream. I've used you for the last two years, and laugh about now easy it is to care for my stream and pond. I have never enjoyed my back yard as much as I do today. Thanks again, John- Chester, NJ

Thank You , I went out to treat my Pond and only had about 3/4 of a dose
for it.. bummer and Summer is coming fast! ;) Your very welcome for my business. IT is sooo much easier to use your 
chemicals than to drain the pond as we have had to do for so many years. You make my life Much Easier!! I deeply appreciate it. And so does my fish! lol
Sincerely, Lavada 


Your Hydra Crystal product is AMAZING!!!! Like most owners, my backyard pond was overtaken by the green algae in the spring. But added to that was that I was also having problems with the pump and waterfall filter, so the algae just went wild. But when I got things working right again, I used your product and by that evening, I could see my fish! And the next day is was so clear I could see right to the bottom, which I hadn't seen since the pond was installed the year before.

And a few weeks ago, I decided to try it again because the water was beginning to look black and dark. Again, by the next day, it was totally clear again!

I had tried the liquid products for algae control but they never made a noticeable dent in the algae in my 500 gal. pond. Now I don't know why I ever wasted my money on those other products. Your Pond Clear products are the ONLY ones I'll use on my pond from now on. And my fish agree, too!

Thank you so much!

Rita, IL

"My pond was so green I didn't think I could afford to keep my 17000 gallon after 6 years. I was constantely adding chemicals that didn't last or didn't work at all. This became very expensive.

After following your instructions withen 10 days my pond was crystal clear. I could not believe it! My 13 koi are rejoying the benefits of your products.

I am telling all my friends and even a distributor about your find products.

Thank you so much for all your personal support and excellant advise. Now days, one doesn't find manufacturers with such great knowledge, concern and support on how to use their products.

Thanks, again and again. I am 100% sold on your products."

Dixie in Indiana

"The product is fabulous. This is the first time that we are able to see the bottom of the pond 
Thank you "

"To whom it may concern, 
I just finished treating my VERY green 700+ gallon pond for a second time with the Hydra Crystals. I wanted to let you know that I am VERY impressed with your product. I can now see the bottom of the pond and all the fish that are in it. 
My initial thought when I purchased the product was "it is worth a shot because nothing else has worked". But, after the first treatment the water became clear enough that I could see about half way down. And after the second treatment it is very clear.

This is an awesome product and I have already begun to tell my family and friends, who own ponds, about it.

Best regards," 
Cincinnati, OH


"Just wanted to say that your product worked very well. I treated my fish pond with your product and was surprised to discover that the pond was clear the following, It had gone from a green monster to a fairly clear pond. It was not absolutely clear, but was sufficiently clear such that I could see my fish and the bottom of the pond quite well. I did add a bacterial product which I had been using for a period of a month with relatively little success, but the addition of bacteria caused the pond to become crystal clear within a week. I want to thank you for providing the sample which convince me to try hydra-crystal. It did work as advertised. I have talked to some people who run a koi supply operation, and told them of your product. I hope they contact you, since none of their products on their shelves provided any relief for tha algae bloom I experienced during the summer." Lloyd

"My husband and I tried different products to get the algae controlled in our pond. Nothing worked. I got desperate one day and got on the internet and started searching. I found your website and started reading. The testimonials are what made me decide to give Hydra Clear a try. The first time I put it in, I grabbed a pitcher of water from the pond and put the recommended amount of Hydra Crystal in it and stirred. Then I put it in the pond (in the evening). I waited 48 hours to see what would happen . . . nothing! Then I did it again, except this time I got a 5 gallon bucket and filled it 3/4 full with pond water and did my mixing. This time I read your directions thoroughly and poured it in mid morning and gave it a good stir. Within 1-1/2 hours I could see the bottom of my pond and my Koi! And it just got clearer. My pond is perfect now. Thank you so much for a good product that really works! "- Eileen from White Hall, AR

"Recently I purchased some of your crystal clear product from a distributor in Tennessee. I was having so many problems with algae and I tried so many different products…killed 30 fish in the process. My pond was a new 700 gallon fish pond and my experience in creating the perfect water was less than successful for several weeks. After looking online for solutions and researching several open forum websites, I found your product. The day after I ordered the product…my water cleared quite a bit. We did not immediately use your product thinking that perhaps everything was ok. Last night my pond was cloudy after cleaning out the filter twice. The day prior I had gotten into the pond to restructure the waterfalls and some dirt and debris made the water very cloudy. Though the water did not seem to have an algae issue, we decided to use Hydra Crystal and within 8 hours my water is clearer than it has ever been. It is amazing! What an awesome product." —Vicki

"As the picture shows, I had green pea water and the pond smelled. I received the Crystal powder Wed. May 27, mad up a slurry solution in a 5 gal. bucket. NOTHING, tried it again, and now I had brown water not clear. Than Friday May 29, I gave it a last shot, another bucket of slurry solution and instantly the water started to coagulate and start to clear up. Within 1 hour I was able to see the gold fish and koi and seeing the green algae cling and fall to the bottom of the garden pond. Thanks for a GREAT PRODUCT. Patience is a virtue I guess." —Mike G. in Pennsylvania

"You are probably just a seller of this product, but I have to tell you that I was skeptical of purchasing this product due to the promises made on the website. I am so impressed with this product. It worked like it said—within an hour we saw significant improvement. I have searched all over for a product that would work and not harm any wildlife including our dogs/cats. I will definitely purchase again. Thank you also for shipping the product so quickly." —Jackie in Florida )

"I bought the Hydra Crystal from you, and let me tell you that is the best investment that I've done in a long time. This product is fantastic!!! I would like to know where to voice my joy to others? So please guide me in the right direction to place my thoughts. Thank you." —Mark in Lousiana (5/20)

"The first half of the 8 pound bucket of Hydra Crystal went in 5 days ago and nothing but brown water was the result. This morning I put in the 2nd half and 3 hrs later the beginning of "praise the lord" clear water. I want to order another 8 pounds of Hydra Crystal as maintainer." — Fred in Florida (5/18/)

"I guess my pond must have been really bad. I treated it twice...not so green but when I treated it the third time within 30 minutes it was crystal clear and the clearest I've ever seen it! I couldn't believe the results. I cannot tell you how much money I've spent trying to clear my pond. No one had a good answer or product. I'll be buying more for maintenance and referring all my friends who have ponds. Thank you so very, very much." —Peggy in Texas

"The Crystal was the best stuff I ever tried. My small pond has been clear now for a week and a half" — Ralph in Tennessee

"Great product. Used the Crystal in my 7000 gallon pond on Saturday. On Sunday my water was clear enough to find golf balls on the bottom. The product works.." — Greg in NJ