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Crystal Samples

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Hydra Crystal Green Water Test Sample
Hydra Crystal Green Water Test Sample 66110
Hydra Quartz String Algae Test Sample
Hydra Quartz String Algae Test Sample 66120

Request Samples of Hydra Crystal

Uses for Samples

  • Verify that your environment will respond to our products
  • Try Before You Buy!!
  • Practice treatment in a controlled setting before treating entire pond

 Using a "Jar" Test

 Hydra Crystal for Beginners

 Frequently Asked Questions about Hydra Crystal

 Why do ponds get murky?

 Why do we get algae blooms?

 Hydra Cyrstal Data Sheet and MSDS Information (PDF)


How to use Samples
We are most often asked, "Does it really work?" We are now offering samples for you to try to confirm for yourselves that the product works, BEFORE you make the commitment for a full purchase. You will receive a small sample of the Hydra Crystal to treat about one gallon of your green pond water. We recommend you do the jar test with a sample from your pond. After you see that the Crystal will work for your pond, we are sure you will order enough to fully treat your pond. If you have questions , simply call our customer service line at (423)217-1331.

The Hydra Quartz works on contact to rid your pond of string algae. You will receive a small packet to spread directly on a section your string algae to see the Quartz work on contact.

Ordering Information
To order online, use the form below. Sorry, but we can only accept sample requests through our shopping cart for rapid processing. The samples are free but there is a $2.95 shipping and handling charge per request.

Questions? Please call (423)217-1331. It's that simple.


Please Note: Your credit card statement will show your charge to either Climax, LLC or Climax Photo depending on your card. For more information about ordering from us, please see our Ordering page.